06/08/17 04:50AM
Giant Joker rp please... :)
Hello there sweetie, I'd like you to be gentle and nice to me, I'm a advanced rper, who loves rping whenever I can, I put some pretty good detail in my rps so don't worry about plot holes as I will do my best to fill them up, no need to worry about the prologue either as I already have that taken care of as well, I'm looking for a Joker from the Batman animated series, it can be from any season, doesn't matter to me, I will be playing as my oc Skylar who is my profile pic, I'd love more then anything to do a size play rp, my oc of course will be the small while Joker the Dom giant, I'm okay with vore as long as it's soft with no digestion, I'm not much of a foot person either, though the power play with stomps to tease is okay, (even though I'd prefer it with boots... :) ), I really do wanna rp and am looking forward for someone to rp with me, as I said I will take care of the prologue, really make the size count, also keep it in tone with the rp, if you are interested, send me a private message to start, thank you and I hope to see you real soon! :)

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