08/27/16 04:04AM
Dealing with autism
Today i was informed about the tag poisioning on sizebooru. While i wish someone would have informed me by email before the entire thing went to shit i did recover a bunch so far. We'll be putting time into creating a tool to erase someones existence from the site by undoing all changes done by an IP, user or any syntax we can find. For now i done some manual DB actions.

Please don't send your hate towards the trust and justice guy, its not fair to bully someone with a severe case of autism. In fact I'd like to thank him as we are now motivated to invest time and energy into preventing these things from happening again, in the 6 years of running we have never encountered such malicious user as him.
08/27/16 10:19AM
About time
I probably should have tried more direct contact with you rather than going to forums and making posts there to get attention. Boorus really need some sort of anti-spamming countermeasures or this kind of stuff can happen. But nuking an account works fine too. Comments, tags and posts can all be spammed on these boorus.

I also want to point out that the score for a comment on a post does not have a limit to how many times someone can score it. You can spam the button as many times as you want, some comments have -10000 or something as their score.

I also expect this guy to post some cocky response in the form of an image uploaded to this site about how fun it was and how he won and shit like that using an alternate account. Look out for that as well.
08/28/16 10:56PM
Anti Spam Mechanisms
I think that it's easy (if there's a way to modify the site's source code) to implement a anti-spam mechanism like captcha autentication.
So, automated tasks would be harder to accomplish.

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