04/17/15 04:05AM
Admins should enable users to revert tags
You admins should enable users to revert tags so that we can restore all the tags that justice had deleted @[email protected]

If you didn't know, going into "History -> tags" will allow you to look at all the tag changes. Next to each tag change by a user is the button "Revert". Right now, if you hit Revert, nothing happens. That is because regular users are not given access to the ability to revert tags. If the admins change the setting for the booru so that users can revert tags, then we can save a lot of time and fix all the tags!

I would really want to help out in fixing all the tags, but searching and typing all those tags is impossible @[email protected]
04/17/15 01:15PM
You got access to reversing tags now

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