11/13/10 09:53PM
Please help tagging
Please help to tag the images correctly. Be as accurate as possible: name all characters, the artist, eye/hair-colors, if they're barefoot etc.

If not done yet, set the correct type of the tag (under "Tags" on the right side).
Copyright -> Name of the game/movie/anime
Artist -> The name of the person who made the picture (not who made the game/movie/anime)
Character -> Name of the character(s) shown
General -> Everything else

Also if there are more tags which say exact the same thing (like ff ffxii final_fantasy_x which all means final_fantasy) create an alias. In this case, "name" would be "ffxii" and "alias to" "final_fantasy".

Why tagging? Because I believe every idiot can open a gallery and throw tons of images into it but a good site tags the images correct. THis helps everyone who's looking for something specific and gives you the opportunity to use the blacklist (so if you don't want so see fury images, you can just hide them by adding the tag to your blacklist).

I already started setting types and creating aliases a bit. Hope you all help a bit :)

Thank you a lot. And by the way: Welcome back :)
11/29/10 07:34PM
I'll help tagging right away ^^
12/21/10 01:54AM
sure thing
12/25/14 07:12AM
So will I, though I might be a bit late to this topic.
09/11/15 05:02PM
So, I've done 99% of all "photo_collage", "3d_realistic" (to distinguish it from other like cartoon style, right?), furry and other shit, yay.
We has not enough motivation for tagging things that we are like. We just need to realize that then more we tag, then more we can hide by our own blacklist.

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