12/15/10 03:46AM
Interactive Stories
I wanted to know if anybody knew of ANY site where there are interactive stories that could be used for Giantess interactives if they didnt already have them.

The only two I know of are BEarchive and and isnt really friendly to all of the gts community even though thats where 75% of their traffic comes from.

I know this doesnt have anything specificaly to do with sizebooru but i figured i would ask while i was logged on. (you could say it technically does because i use pics in my interactives.)
12/15/10 05:32AM
Not that I'm aware of.

I've mulled for years the idea of a text-based equivalent to the Booru (Sizewriter or the like) which could host interactives and keep the quality to at least a middle-school writing level as opposed to (which is about 1 good thing for every 500 crappy and plain depraved ones) If only...
12/15/10 08:12AM
The Inform system, the software which was used to make the Zork text adventure games, is now freeware. You can download it and use it to create interactive choose-your-own-path stories which can run as stand-alone programs.
12/16/10 08:46AM
Thanks yodaman, middleschool writing would be a change i would welcome with open arms.

Thanks PharmakosChroste. I'll look into that.

does anyone else know of any other sites to create or join interactives?

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