2girls artist_name black_hair blush brown_eyes brown_hair car cloud_strife giantess ground_vehicle hood hoodie long_hair looking_at_another motor_vehicle multiple_girls original outdoors pleated_skirt school_uniform short_hair sitting skirt sky smile sukja sun sunset 1boy 1girl animal_ears artist_name bare_shoulders blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sky blush car chin_rest closed_eyes cloud_strife dress field flower flower_field giantess ground_vehicle hand_on_another's_head long_hair looking_at_viewer motor_vehicle original petting seiza short_hair sitting size_difference sky smile sukja white_dress 1boy 1girl claws giantess gigantes_(monster_musume) highres horns monochrome monster_girl monster_musume_no_iru_nichijou nayaase_beleguii pout rain signature sitting size_difference sketch traditional_media wet wrist_cuffs 3girls ass colored dress from_behind ghost_tail giantess green_dress green_eyes green_hair hat highres long_sleeves looking_back mononobe_no_futo multiple_girls open_mouth puffy_sleeves short_hair simple_background sitting sitting_on_person sketch soga_no_tojiko sweatdrop tate_eboshi touhou toyosatomimi_no_miko utopia white_background wide_sleeves 1boy 1girl axe brown_hair giantess panah pointy_ears reen_eyes abukuma_(kantai_collection) ahoge akebono_(kantai_collection) antennae architecture asashimo_(kantai_collection) ashigara_(kantai_collection) bag bandage_on_face bangs bathing baton_(instrument) bell blush blush_stickers bow box carrying chopsticks chopsticks_in_mouth chorus clapping coat collar comic conductor crate crowd east_asian_architecture eating epaulettes eyes_closed flower folded_ponytail food food_on_face food_theft fumizuki_(kantai_collection) fusou_(kantai_collection) giantess glasses hair_bell hair_bobbles hair_bow hair_flower hair_ornament hair_ribbon hair_up hairband hakama_skirt hamakaze_(kantai_collection) happy_new_year hat head_on_hand headgear highres horns i-168_(kantai_collection) i-19_(kantai_collection) i-401_(kantai_collection) i-58_(kantai_collection) i-8_(kantai_collection) jingle_bell kadomatsu kagami_mochi kantai_collection kasumi_(kantai_collection) katori_(kantai_collection) kitakami_(kantai_collection) kneeling kotatsu ladle lantern miniskirt monochrome nagato_(kantai_collection) neck_ribbon neckerchief necktie new_year noodles obentou oboro_(kantai_collection) one_eye_closed ooi_(kantai_collection) ooyodo_(kantai_collection) open_mouth otoufu overcoat ponytail pot prinz_eugen_(kantai_collection) ribbon ro-500_(kantai_collection) sailor_hat sakawa_(kantai_collection) satsuki_(kantai_collection) sazanami_(kantai_collection) school_swimsuit school_uniform serafuku sheep shopping_bag short_hair shrimp shrimp_tempura side_ponytail singing skirt sleeping sleepy sleeveless soba standing stuffed_animal stuffed_toy suspenders swimsuit swimsuit_under_clothes table television temple tempura tone_(kantai_collection) translated turning_head twintails under_kotatsu under_table uniform ushio_(kantai_collection) visible_air watching_television yahagi_(kantai_collection) yamashiro_(kantai_collection) yamato_(kantai_collection) yawning yukikaze_(kantai_collection) yunomi 2girls 4koma =d arms_up bow bowl comic commentary_request curry empty_eyes food fruit frying_pan giantess hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu hat highres hinanawi_tenshi ibuki_suika jitome long_hair low-tied_long_hair monochrome multiple_girls oni oni_horns oversized_object peach shaded_face smile tani_takeshi touhou translation_request trembling very_long_hair yukkuri_shiteitte_ne 69 ahegao biceps blush fingering giantess jasper_(steven_universe) muscle orangekisses pearl_(steven_universe) pubic_hair pussy_juice saliva saliva_trail size_difference steven_universe tagme thick_thighs tongue_out yuri ahegao biceps blush breasts giantess jasper_(steven_universe) muscle pussy_juice saliva saliva_trail small_breasts steven_universe sweat tagme thick_thighs wide_hips yuri biceps blush breast_press breasts 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