angel anubis armor baby bag beard blonde_hair blue_hair blush_stickers book breasts brown_hair censored chains chariot cloud_strife coffin convenient_censoring cross crown death_(entity) devil dog dress eyes_closed facial_hair falling fire flower giantess gradient_hair green_hair hair_over_breasts hand_holding hanging hat hood horns horse ikkyuu instrument lantern lightning lion moon mountain multicolored_hair navel nude old_man pink_hair pouring pregnant priestess purple_hair resurrection river robe rope rose scale scepter scythe sitting skull smile snake solo sphinx staff star sun sunflower sword tarot tarot_set throne tower tree trumpet water weapon white_hair wings wolf wreath  alien baby blue_hair bottle choujikuu_yousai_macross furniture giant giantess good_end if_they_mated komilia_jenius komillia_maria_jenius long_hair lowres macross maximilian_jenius meltrandi mikimoto_haruhiko milk_bottle millia_jenius moruk_lap_lamiz official_art promotional_art quamzin_kravshera short_hair sketch the_super_dimension_fortress_macross zentradi

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